6th thematic dissemination conference


Let them shine! Disseminate your projects in the best possible way
Friday, November 23rd 2012, Brussels (BE)

Erasmus University College
Zespenningenstraat 70
1000 Brussels

Approx. 50 participants attended the final dissemination conference organised by Syntra West within the C-E.N.T.E.R. project. The main focus was on generating ideas and sustainable marketing. The participants could try different brainstorming techniques and got some valuable inputs from the professional marketing sector that can be transfered and implemented also in the fields of dissemination of EU projects. Branding, sustainability, Unique Selling Points as well as image creation related to philosphy and lifestyle were just a few topics that were covered. The C-E.N.T.E.R. Toolkit was presented the first time in printed version. During a project fair the participants had further opportunities for exchange, discussion and networking.

Conference flyer/Programme

GPS (Brainstorming methods) by Marc Clerkx
How to use creativity in your dissemination process?

Substainable branding by Kris Sierens
Do we communicate only our substainable efforts or can we use marketing communications to become more sustainable?

Introduction to the C-E.N.T.E.R. project by Marcella Pulga
"Erasmus for All"
New opportunities for the Education, Training, Youth and Sport sectors

Milestones of C-E.N.T.E.R. project by Petra Kampf
"Valorise or Vaporise?"
Competence, cooperation and communication in the dissemination and exploitation of EU Projects

All presenations, list of participants and projects presented at the project fair are available in the download area!


5th thematic dissemination conference

The Profit of Marketing 2.0 in EU Projects

Thursday, March 22nd 2012, 9.30-15.30h
Bilbao (ES)


The topic of social media marketing, marketing 2.0 and success stories were the topics of the 5th C-E.N.T.E.R. dissemination conference that was organised in Spain in the end of March. About 30 participants enjoyed the key notes and the European project fair with more than 50 projects from different EU funding programmes displayed. After the plenary session the participants used the opportunity to discuss various issues with the key note speakers. The meaning, idea and message of concrete commercials and TV-spots were a topic as well as the future developements of social media.

Key notes were given by:
Thematic introduction - Petra Kampf (Project and E.N.T.E.R. coordinator)
Marketing 2.0 - Adolfo Ramirez (Marketing Director of Teka Group)
Social Media Marketing - Arantxa Sainz de Murieta (Professional in the field of Social Media Marketing)
Success stories in Marketing 2.0 - Diego Perez Urruchi (CEO of Mediatag Crossmedia)

All presentations can be found in the download area!

4th thematic dissemination conference

"Spread the Word!"
How to disseminate project results through networking a little bit of magic

Friday, November 25th 2011, 9.00-13.30h
Campus Varberg, Varberg (SE)


What happens to all the EU-funded projects?
We are all aware of the development within our own projects but do the potential and existing stakeholders know?
And what do we really know about projects in other organizations?

We have a joint responsibility to spread all the good results that are created thanks to EU-funding. But how should this be done? With small budgets and slim deadlines this is truly a challenge.

The 4th C-E.N.T.E.R. Conference in Sweden on November 25th was a big success. About 80 participants used the event to establish new contacts and to promote their activities. The conference was in the focus of networking, involving and engaging people in activities and dissemination in general. Beside interesting key note speeches and a project fair the participants also did networking exercises and had the opportunity to participate in a matchmaking session in order to establish new contacts for future cooperation.

Conference pictures: © Campus Varberg

3rd Thematic Dissemination Conference

"The meeting of two continents"
EU Projects and Dissemination in Turkey

Friday, March 25th 2011, 9.30-17.00h
Chamber of Commerce, Istanbul, Turkey (TR)


As being a negotiating candidate state Turkey is one of the main partners of the European Union to the pre-accession financial assistance programme. In this
purpose, national agency of Turkey has been established in 2002. Also, Secretariat General for EU Affairs has been developing and implementing projects in order to inform people about the EU projects.

  • How can you apply an EU project?
  • How can you find partners to realise your projects?
  • How can you organise your projects?
  • How can you implement your projects?
  • How can you disseminate your projects?

These questions were discussed during the C-E.N.T.E.R. conference in Istanbul with 175 participants from 12 different countries. The project fair that was held parallel to the conference was a great success. 80 products/project were presented at different stands and tables. The participants showed a great interest in all products and possible new cooperations were discussed.

Key notes were given by:

Petra KAMPF (E.N.T.E.R. and C-E.N.T.E.R. coordinator)
Bülent ÖZCAN (European Union Secretariat General)
Georg MÜLLNER (E.N.T.E.R.)
Oguz DEMIR (Istanbul Commerce University)
Fikret KALFAOGLU (Informatics Association of Turkey)
Bahar ÖZSU, Özlem KILIC (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce)

You can find all presentations in the download area and pictures are also available at C-E.n.t.e.r. Facebook page!

2nd Thematic Dissemination Conference


"On the wings of Hermes"
The role of new media in EU projects dissemination

Friday, October 22nd 2010, 9.00-17.00h
Palagio di Parte Guelfa, Florence, Italy (IT)


In the current information society, besides “traditional” communication tools (like printed paper, radio and television), “new” online communication systems (like blog, social network, etc.) are developing more and more.
The communication tools through which outcomes and products are spread and promoted (thanks to the new technology in particular), are being more and more important as - in a very short time - they are able to reach more and more different stakeholders. 

  • Which are the most used communication/spread tools and how do they work?
  • How to select the right target? Which is the best strategy to reach that target? 
  • Which is the information to be spread in order to arouse interest and increase the curiosity of potential stakeholders?

These were the questions raised during the 2nd dissemination conference in Florence. About 50 participants representing 32 organisations from 11 different countries enjoyed the event in Florence and used the opportunity to discuss and exchange experience and project results.

Key notes speakers at the conference:

Gianluca Milanese (TK Formazione srl)
Sabina Stefani (Regione Toscana)
Petra Kampf (E.N.T.E.R.)
Serena Barilaro (Europe Direct Firenze)
Marco Rufino (Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze)
Lorenza Venturi (Agenzia Nazionale LLP – Italia)
Florentin Hortopan (New media expert)

During the conference the first edition of the new European Magazine “FOCUS EUROPE” was presented and a project fair was held during the breaks.

All presentations and material is available in the download area.


1st Thematic Dissemination Conference

E.N.T.E.R. on behalf of the C-E.N.T.E.R. project consortium organized the first dissemination conference in cooperation with Europe Direct Informationsnetzwerk Steiermark – Europaabteilung Land Steiermark.

"Giving Sisyphus a Hand"
Challenge and Reality in EU Project Marketing

Friday, March 12th 2010, 9.00-15.00h
Graz, Austria (AT)

About 90 persons representing 56 organisations from 15 different European countries attended the conference and actively participated in the project fair and penal discussion with the speakers

Karl G. Doutlik (European Commission DG Communication),

Karl Andrew Müllner (OeAD National Agency Austria),

Patrizia Giorio (FormAzione Co&So network, IT),

Clemens Körte (bfw, DE),

and the marketing experts Selma Illitz (AGRANA Zucker GmbH, AT) and
Hansjürgen Schmölzer
(BSX Bader & Schmölzer GmbH, AT).

The participants used the opportunity to exchange project outcomes as well as experience and information on their organisations and main areas of activities. The project fair presented 28 stands of different organisations that promoted projects funded by the EU and displayed various project material and products.

Further information on the participants, projects and presentations given by the key note speakers can be found in the download area!