The project will take place in a period of 3 years including various thematic topics and activities such as:

  • European collection of state-of-the-art about instruments, methods and mechanisms for  dissemination used by project teams and offered by the European Commission and National Agencies
  • Development and implementation of a workshop for dissemination offered as Grundtvig In-Service training course
  • Elaboration of a dissemination toolkit
  • Publishing of a European magazine (4 editions)
  • Collection of EU project results to be circulated European wide
  • Certification award for good practices of dissemination
  • Network of dissemination experts to support others in their country (C-E.N.T.E.R. promoters)
  • Organisation of 6 dissemination conferences in AT, IT, TR, SE, ES and BE

 All project outcomes are developed including guidelines in order to be used after the project period in different countries and to be offered within the services of E.N.T.E.R. A dissemination strategy of high quality and the involvement of stakeholders from the beginning will support the European impact on a long-term perspective.

Furthermore, the project activities and outcomes are made for all kinds of projects funded by the EU and therefore consist of transversal character.