AT – E.N.T.E.R.

E.N.T.E.R. is a non-profit making association officially registered in Graz, Austria and supports the dissemination and exploitation of developments, products and results from EU funded projects. E.N.T.E.R. was founded to server four main purposes:

  • To support EU strategies through the dissemination and exploitation of project results funded by European programmes for the benefit of all European citizens.
  • To offer EU project coordinators the opportunity to disseminate information about their projects and their results to a broad community of interested organisations and bodies.
  • To give European citizens and organisations the opportunity to regularly receive information about developments and results in the EU project community.
  • To give interested organisations the opportunity to find EU project groups and consortia for exchanging know-how and developing innovative project ideas.

Additionally to the services of the network, E.N.T.E.R. also acts proactively as project promoter, project partner and expert to foster dissemination and exploitation standards within the EU.


BE - Syntra West

Syntra West is a not for profit organisation set up in 1960 which is providing 3,5 million training hours every year for about 50,000 trainees. We are working with 2,000 part-time trainers and a staff of 200 persons.

Our target groups are company managers, senior staff and employees of small and medium-sized companies. Besides, we are making our know-how and structure available towards non-profit organisations and public enterprises.

The offer is made up of short term and long term training sessions, initiation, rush courses, broken down into 4 groups:

  • Technical training sessions in 200 professions
  • Management training
  • IT training
  • Specific language courses by which we are mostly working with native speakers as trainers. We also developed our own training and didactical material.

Also for professional and specialised tuition, individual training and follow opportunities are available.

There are three levels of training:

  • Apprenticeship: learning a trade on-the-job whilst completing compulsory education
  • Business training: business economy and business techniques for self-employed people, employees, managers and SME-staff
  • Extra training and upgrading: short term training sessions for established self-employed people, employees, managers and SME-staff

Syntra West is acknowledged for receiving training cheques and received recently the ISO 9001:2008 certification for the whole organisation. The departments Management and Informatics are also Q*For-certified.


DE – bfw

The Berufsfortbildungswerk des DGB (bfw) is one of the biggest non-profit-providers of education in Germany. For over 50 years, the organization successfully acts as a service-provider for vocational and further training in nearly all branches and vocational fields.

The strength of the bfw comes from its broad offer of educational services as well as from its strong regional presence. In about 200 education-centers, individual and demand-oriented concepts of vocational training are provided by the bfw.

In this project bfw is represented by The Competence Center EUROPA , situated in Heidelberg. The center is specialised on the initiation and implementation of pilot and model projects in the field of vocational and further training. As leading coordinator or project partner, it covers the whole range of the European project management.


EE - MTÜ Siksali Arendusselts

Siksali Development Centre is an NGO set up in 2002. The organisation is working with projects mainly in the fields of rural development, non-formal adult education, environmental awareness raising. Project experience includes LdV transfer of innovation, pilot and mobility projects, Grundtvig, Youth, as well as numerous nationally funded projects.


ES – Fondo Formacion Euskadi

FONDO FORMACION EUSKADI is a human capital organization whose mission is the development of people and improvement of organizations. With more than 15 years of experience, nowadays, FFE has about 160 professional workers (25 worker-partners, 30 management and administration professionals, 110 trainers) with different profiles that include from consultancy, training and human resources management, trainers, administration …

FFE has seven trainer centers. Activity areas: occupational and continuous vocational training for employees, unemployed people, people at risk of social exclusion,..; consultancy and advisory to companies; management by competences; selection and evaluation of human resources; employment training plans; local development projects; professional guidance and advisory and support to learning. FFE has a wide experience as a coordinator of transnational cooperation projects for the research, development and innovation in the improvement of competences.


FI – WinNova

Pori College (City of Pori), Rauma College (City of Rauma), Pori Adult Education Foundation (Pori Adult Education Centre) and Western Finland Federation of Municipalities in Vocational Adult Education (Innova) have merged. The name of the new educational company is Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy (West Coast Education Ltd) and the marketing name is WinNova.

The liability for organising education has been transferred to WinNova 1 January 2010 and the central administration is located in Rauma. Education is offered in Pori, Rauma, Laitila and Ulvila. The company has approximately 6000 students per annum and 800 staff members.

WinNova provides education for vocational upper secondary qualifications, further and continuing education as well as other vocational adult education in the form of a limited liability company.


IT – TK Formazione Srl

TK is a Vocational Training and Adult Education Agency operating at national and european level since 1992 with the following competences:

  • Human resource management
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Managerial skills for public and private managerial and middle staff
  • Intercultural Communication and Global Understanding
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Legal matters
  • Business administration

IT - FormAzione Co&So Network

FormAzione Co&So Network is a consortium of 12 social cooperatives providing social services. FCN works primarily with third sector organisations, social enterprises and voluntary organisations. FCN

provides training courses for all the cooperatives associated in different social fields addressed to different target (disadvantaged groups, social workers, young people at risk of school drop-out). FCN specializes in the conception, application, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of ESF and EU projects in the fields of education, regional development and labour market policy. The organisation manages several EU projects funded in the frame of LLP. Our organisation is associated to one of the most important Consortium at national level named "Gino Mattarelli".


PL – Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz

The Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz is currently one of the largest non-public universities in Poland with around 30.000 students. The Academy offers bachelor, master and postgraduate study programs at 14 faculties, i.e. Educational Sciences, Marketing & Management, Transport, Computer Science, Polish Philology, Foreign Philology, Cinematography, Journalism and Social Communication, Political Studies, Sociology, Culture Studies, Public Administration, and Nursery.
Apart from the main activity, AHE is a significant institution of persistent adult education (lifelong learning). It provides courses and training regarding: ICT, economical, social and pedagogical sciences, methodologies for VET trainers, training developing interpersonal skills for management and working teams, developing professional qualifications. We have recently opened a special offer of courses addressed for seniors (50+) covering different fields of education.
Polish Virtual University (PVU), is AHE department offering a variety of online courses. Our offer covers bachelor degree programmes in Marketing and Management, Computer Science, Political Science and Pedagogic, with the diploma awarded by the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz. As an expert in distance learning PVU has its own team of qualified instructional designers, editors, graphic designers and IT experts. Their main activities involve designing, producing and implementing courses onto a professional educational internet platform.
AHE has 71 branch units spreading all over Poland and most of them are located in small towns so that people from the province can easily benefit from AHE educational offer. AHE participates in the majority of programmes of the European Union such as Lifelong Learning Programme, Culture, Asia-Link, e-TEN and e-Learning.


PT – Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação

SPI is a multi-discipline international firm founded in 1996. The company is an active centre of national and international networks connected to the innovation sector. In addition to its headquarters in Portugal , SPI has offices in the USA and China , which enable to develop contacts in key institutions worldwide and from which SPI has provided projects for public and private sector clients in Europe and around the world. SPI conducts activities in many different areas, with in-house experts and a network of specialists and industry connections. Services SPI offers can be described in the following areas: SPI Consulting, SPI R&D, SPI Training, SPI is strongly active in distance learning through a company e-Learning platform and the development and implementation of e-Learning courses.


RO – Fundatia Educational Soros

The SEC Educational Centers (SEC - the first institution in its region offering informal adult education) primary aim is to serve the educational and training needs of the community by offering quality services to its target groups (adults in general - with low or high level of education, adults disadvantaged for social, economic, cultural reasons). It offers language and computer courses that lead to internationally recognised certificates, organises teacher trainings and tailor made courses for adults and SMEs in different fields (tourism, management, personal development, etc.). Approx. 20% of our students are aged between 50 and 65, however their number is steady increasingly.

SEC supports communities and economic development by long-term European partnerships building with actors from business and non-profit sectors. It also promotes the European spirit and ideas and the full integration of Romania in the EU by implementation of European values in education and developing educational programmes and tools in co-operation with partner institutions from the EU.

SEC would like to participate in ASEC in order to bring closer the issue of active European citizenship to the inhabitants of its region and to citizens from Romania in general. Awareness and positive attitudes towards the EU are very high within young inhabitants, but elderly people are very sceptical and negative towards the EU because they blame it for changes to the worse in their lives. SEC works with 5 full time and 20 part time employees.


SE - Campus Varberg

Campus Varberg is a municipal coordination centre for higher education and advanced vocational education training (AVET). The higher education programmes are held at Campus but organized from different Swedish universities. The AVET programmes are both organized and held at Campus. Campus is a part of the municipal adult education in Varberg, the CLL – Centre for Lifelong Learning which was founded in 1998 to coordinate and develop the municipal adult education in Varberg. CLL consists of a three-pillar structure; the first pillar is the municipal adult education and the second pillar consists of Campus Varberg. The basic idea of Campus Varberg is to actively map the surrounding world’s needs for competence, find the schools that can provide relevant knowledge in these areas and then put together education programmes that our future students and the local enterprises want.

Campus Varberg aims to face the challenges and possibilities of the modern communication and information society. In order to meet the complexity of the dynamic knowledge society Campus Varberg founded the Alexanderson Institute, which is the third pillar. The Alexanderson Institute focuses on networking. The foundation is a strong network within the world of research and a strong network within Varberg’s business world and public sector. It is also a core issue to identify and seize all those opportunities which are “out there” and can later be turned into competitiveness and development for the partners of the Alexanderson Institute. It is most easily described as cooperation between an agent and catalyst. Basically the institute helps businesses and other organizations to improve their competitiveness, productivity, and capability to develop by providing knowledge, technology and competence on the basis of a profound network cooperation.


TR - Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICOC), founded in 1882, is the largest professional organization in Turkey and is among the 5 largest chambers in the world with approximately 300.000 members. ICOC is a semi-governmental and nonprofit organization. There are 90 professional committees in ICOC with approximately 538 committee members. Our Chamber has branch offices at Kadıköy, Perpa, İSTOÇ, which provide easy and rapid access to services to our members. Members of ICOC represent 1/4 of all companies established in Turkey, contribute 43% of all tax allocation, generate 22% of GNP and realize almost half of Turkey’s exports. 

ICOC serves as the most important think tank for Turkey’s social and economic development and has been awarded as the best Chamber in Eurochambers accreditation project in 2002. Moreover it has been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in 1999, which is the first of its kind having quality management system in Turkey.  

ICOC prepares each year over 60 economic researches, over 40 sector profiles, 10 business guides, economic reports both in Turkish & English and organizes around 60 seminars, panels and conferences. Furthermore, every year ICOC participates around 20 international fairs, organizes 2-3 Turkish products exhibitions and participates around 12 domestic fairs. ICOC has a web page which performs as a business information portal with an average 10.000 visitors per day.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, being an organization integrated with the world, has strong relations and cooperations with international institutions such as ;  ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), ETPO (European Trade Promotion Organization), ASCAME  (Union of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce & Industry), EUROCHAMBERS, UNIDO (UN Industry Development Organization), ITC (UN International Trade Center) and OECD (Organization of Economic and Cooperation and Development).

ICOC, being a powerful & efficient organization is the founding member of Istanbul World Trade Center (IWTC) which is the largest fair ground in with its 110.000 m² exhibition hall and established its own university “Istanbul Commerce University” in 2001. Our Chamber, along with its contributions to the commercial life of ISTANBUL and Turkey, has continued its involvement in arts by opening in 2004 an Open-air Art Center at the Eminönü Square, and then organized a painting contest under the title “1st History-Art Meeting” has become traditional.

ICOC is also initiator of Formula 1 GP organization in Turkey. 


UK – Point Europa

Point Europa is a training and education charity, founded in February 2004. We are based in the twin villages of Kingsand and Cawsand, on the Rame Peninsula in SE Cornwall, England. All our trustees and staff are local people.

We organise a wide range of training and education projects:

  • Childcare. We operate a group of local childcare centres, offering after-school and holiday support for families, training and job opportunities. Please click here for more information.
  • Training development. We are specialists in needs analysis and design of new training programmes and methods. We work locally and internationally to meet real needs.
  • International youth projects. We offer international opportunities for young people, from one-week group exchanges to one-year volunteering placements, subsidised by the EU. Please click here for more information.
  • Social enterprise. We are actively creating training and job opportunities through community-owned businesses, meeting real local needs. Please click here for more information.
  • Community support. We try to use our growing expertise to support community and voluntary groups in our area.