European Magazine FOCUS EUROPE - Spotlighting European developments and projects

The European Magazine FOCUS EUROPE would like to enlarge the platform of media for EU project teams to publish articles and information with regard to their EU funded projects not depending on a specific European programme. The magazine will include a variety of thematic groups and so provide a thematic transversal perspective. There is also the possibility to publish articles on specific issues that are of interest for EU project teams such as the presentation of specific European programmes, interviews with representatives of National agencies, experts or project managers to topics of general interest, good practice examples of EU projects. The magazine will also promote conferences and other available tools for dissemination. Beside of the dissemination of information the magazine also aims to creating a tool to share experiences in the field of EU project work with other project consortia to learn from each other and to build new networks.

Focus Europe will produce 4 editions within the 3 years of project period with 1000 pieces per edition. Furthermore, the magazine will also be available online.

Dates of release:

If you are interested in publishing your project, organisation and events in the upcoming edtion of the magazine (charges to be applied!) please contact Petra Kampf at petra.kampf(at) for available space and further information before sending your articles. !!

Submission guidelines at a glance

  • 4th edition - Oct 2012:
    Download the fourth edition HERE.

  • 3rd edition - Jan 2012
    Download the third edition

  • 2nd edition - Jun 2011
    Download the second edition HERE
  • 1st edition - Oct 2010
    Download the first edition HERE